Animal Voices Radio Interviews Dr. Erika Sullivan on her experience helping Elephants

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A Different Kind of Vacation: Helping Elephants in Thailand with Dr. Erika Sullivan

Posted on March 9, 2010 by ANIMALVOICESRADIO


Please join us for this special episode of Animal Voices where we hear a lecture by Dr. Erika Sullivan on the subject of elephant protection and welfare in Thailand. Presented by Dr. Sullivan in conjunction with the Animal Alliance of Canada, we get a glimpse into the general picture of the issues that elephants face in Thailand, and we also get a specific look at Dr. Sullivan’s volunteer work at the Elephant Nature Foundation. It’s a fascinating look at an animal that is simultaneously revered and abused, in a region of the world where economic necessity often trumps animal welfare.

As a bonus for Animal Voices listeners, Dr. Sullivan has included the slides from her presentation for viewing by our listeners. Please be patient as the file is 24MB.