Even though you have dreamt about it, everyone is afraid to make that first step. Change can be scary. Many of us do not hesitate taking our next steps to work, the gym, or to mundane social functions we aren't even excited about attending anyways. And yet, we do it.

For many of you, this wasn’t your dream as a child, or even an adult. This isn't the role you wanted to fill. And yet there you are, making your way through traffic en route to work, stopping only to look out of the windows to wonder, is this what I want to do forever? How can I help change things that are important to me?

But then there’s that voice in your head you hear from everyone telling you to persevere because this is just what you are supposed to do. It says stay focused on maximizing your retirement contributions, or saving for that mortgage you're supposed to pretend you want. Besides, there is always your retirement to go on those trips you have been dreaming about. But then you get home and turn on your computer. You go on Facebook and see pictures of friends traveling; you watch youtube videos and read tweets about people aspiring to do the things they love.

Many of you have loved animals for as long as you can remember. In fact, I know you want to help animals because you care enough to be here reading this. But other than becoming a veterinarian (which isn't a career for everyone), you wonder how you could ever help animals besides rescuing your beloved pets. You might wonder if moving across the world, leaving your friends and family behind, and making it on your own is the only way to help animals abroad? Well it isn’t.

For the city dwellers, ways to get involved with animals includes volunteering at shelters, or joining animal welfare groups that promote local campaigns, like pet sterilization programs. You get a taste for working with animals and meet like-minded people, and it wakes up something inside of you. It feels good to make a difference.

But there you are, sitting in your car, with a Starbucks in your right hand and steering wheel on your left, and you still feel that urge. You cant wait to get home to your rescued pet because they make you feel alive, connected, and appreciated.

Guess what? Animals need you too! YOU CAN HELP ANIMALS and YOU CAN LIVE YOUR DREAM. You can start right NOW.


There are many animal groups, shelters, organizations and projects that you can be part of and make a difference for the world and its inhabitants. I have included below a list of some of the destinations I have traveled to learn about and help. Click on the destination below to learn more about the associated animal project, my experience, how you can help, and for their contact details to contact them directly. I hope to add more to the list as I continue my own desire to help animals in need, and hope to educate you on more of the issues that animals face as we yearn to protect all life together!

If you want to join the next Globetrotting Veterinarian Volunteer Project, read more below, or click on the Donate tab above. Scroll down to find the details on the next upcoming veterinary volunteer project seeking participants! 

Thank you for caring! I hope you find a perfect place to volunteer, make a difference, and realize how volunteering will change your life as much as the animals lives you are changing forever! 


VCARE logo.png

Vadodara Centre for Animal Rescue & Emergency


Lakdikui Village, near Jaspur

Padra Taluka, Vadodara – 391 440

Gujarat INDIA



Always wanted to learn about veterinary medicine? Never worked in a shelter abroad? Want more experience learning surgical sterilisations and soft tissue surgery in dogs and cats? Seeking a unique student placement?


I am looking for fellow volunteers, animal lovers, veterinary nurses, student veterinarians, and veterinarians to lend a helping hand and join me in helping VCARE (Vadodara Centre for Animal Rescue and Emergency) in Vadodara, Gujarat, India.   

VCARE is a registered, non-profit organization that aims to prevent cruelty to animals. Since 1997 VCARE has strived to alleviate pain and suffering from animals while providing veterinary assistance and care to animals in need. Along with projects in humane education, public education, and animal adoption services, VCARE offers animal ambulance services and vaccination projects for canines and bovines in Gujarat. Facilities at VCARE including a veterinary hospital, boarding kennels, a donkey shelter, and a bird shelter. They are active in local outreach and set up bird camp for birds affected by kite string during the kite-flying festival in Gujarat.

The animal-saving services of VCARE can only be made possible with the help of volunteers like us! This is where you can really make a difference to the lives of animals and the community that supports them.


The next Globetrotting Veterinarian Volunteer Project will take place on January 4 - 18, 2020. 

During this time, the shelter is in high demand of volunteers, veterinary assistance, and will be running spay-neuter camps, vaccination projects, Cattle Camps, and Bird Camps where you can get hands on practical experience, all while taking in the sounds, smells, and culture of incredible India.

PLEASE follow these links for further details, including the projected itinerary for this volunteer project HERE:





Participation in this project will include your accommodation, meals, sight-seeing and transportation to the shelter.  This will be an educational and cultural journey as well. We will take a few days off in between our animal work to sight-see and visit some of the local attractions including: Laxmi Vilas Palace, Sursagar Lake, local temples, a day excursion to the Gulf of Khambhat,and we even venture on a 6-hour journey to Poshina for a two-night overnight experience where ancient tribal villages and culture remains. While off the beaten path, we are very likely to encounter some the unique native wildlife including monkeys (langurs), the Indian bush rat, raptors, many species of birds, civets, and deer; amongst the scenic beauty of the countryside where cotton fields grow. This will offer you unique outlook in untouched areas in India during your travels. 


If you are interested in becoming a VOLUNTEER for this project, please contact me at globetrottingveterinarian@gmail.com. 

I will email you a VOLUNTEER APPLICATION FORM for you to submit. Further details and costs regarding the upcoming Volunteer Project will then be communicated to you directly.


July 11 - 25, 2020 - This will be a unique monsoon season expedition, where mobile veterinary services deliver vaccinations, deworming, and medical and surgical services to rural remote villages that have no access to veterinary care. Along with our routine shelter work (medicine, surgery, vaccinations, rehabilitation services), this will be a unique way to see the relationships between animals and owners in remote villages and how we can learn from each other while helping their domestic animals and livestock. This will also feature a trip to India’s largest statue and two-night stay in the Venice of India for some sight-seeing while also visiting another animal project.


Dhanyavaad (thank you in Hindi)

The Globetrotting Veterinarian

Dr. Erika Sullivan